What Courage Means After 15 Years

On this 13th day of February 15 years ago, both my parents died in a horrific car accident. This makes today a very special day to say the least. While most of you are probably preparing for Valentine’s Day, today I am reflecting on how much my life has changed over the years. From being told countless times that I […]

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The Real Reason Why I Write

“Why do you write?” the journalist asked me as the glare of the studio lights shone right into my eyes. It was my very first television interview as a writer and the question caught me off guard. I sat silently on the studio couch for a moment, not knowing how to explain the innate skill which had led me to […]

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I’m Never Gonna Write Again

I'm never gonna write again

“I’m never gonna write [dance] again. Guilty hands [feet], I’ve got no motivation [rhythm]…” is what my ears have been hearing lately every time I listen to George Michael‘s hit song “Careless Whisper“. Although I haven’t been experiencing any writer’s block as such,I’ve been stuck in a funk and at some point I wanted to stop writing all together. I […]

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