5 Things I Miss About My Father

“Daddy” was an amazing man. In my eyes, my mother was the luckiest wife on Earth and my sisters and I were the luckiest daughters. I don’t write about him often (click here to find out why), but as we celebrate father’s day today, I would like to share 5 things I miss the most about him.

1.       Daddy was a hard worker

My father came from very humble beginnings. His parent’s practically had no formal education (his mother was in school until about the 3rdGrade, but if I remember correctly his father never went to school). He was a village boy, born in a small village in the DRC. His parents worked very hard to make sure he and his siblings were able to go to school. I don’t know much about his childhood, but I know that eventually, he made something out of nothing. He became a teacher to pay for university and he later became a successful architect. His hard work never ceases to inspire me.

2.       Daddy was the life of the party

My father was not simply a father to my sisters and me, he was a friend. I remember watching cartoons with him every weekend – his favourite being “Tom and Jerry”. When he laughed, his small eyes became smaller – we laughed at him for that. There was never a dull moment with him. He was simply a happy-go-lucky man. Little things made him smile.

Dad’s the one right in the middle with the big smile LOL

3.       Daddy wasn’t ashamed to show us how much he loved his wife

Although I was really young when they died, I remember seeing so much love between my parents. My father adored my mother. She was his queen. I remember one day catching him staring at her from the kitchen window as she sat under a tree and read a book. I remember laughing and asking what he was looking at. I will never forget his answer: “your mother is so intelligent Stella”…  

4.       Daddy loved his girls

My father did everything for my sisters and I. Even when things were financially rough, he made sure we did lack. He sacrificed so much to make sure that we were happy. He attended all our school events, armed with his camera and gentle smile. He did the things a perfect father does in movies… and much more. After every nightmare I would yell “daaaaaddddy!” and he would be there in a matter of seconds, holding me tightly. There was nothing that man wouldn’t do for us.

5.       Daddy had big dreams for his family

My father always spoke about his plans for our little family. He wanted to take us all to travel the world. He wanted my sisters and me to be successful in whatever we would choose to do as adults. He wanted to build us a beautiful home where we would come back to even as adults. I remember Friday nights he would take us all for a drive around rich neighbourhoods. He would buy us ice-cream and drive slowly as he asked us what styles of houses we fancied. “One day I will build a house like this one for you”, he would say. Before my parents died, they had indeed started building that “dream house” my father had promised us. Death claimed him, and he never finished it…  

As I finish writing this post, I can barely see my computer screen. Tears have filled my eyes. I miss my daddy with all my heart and soul. Perfection is unattainable – but he damn sure was extremely close!

Happy Father’s Day Désiré Mpisi Maki. We will build you that house…

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