Are you competing against the right person?

are you competing against the wrong person

Life coaches often teach us that life isn’t a competition. This may be true, but I actually believe that life is in fact a competition to a certain extent. However, many of us are competing against the wrong people. Confused? Let us begin by defining the word “competition”. What is competition? The Oxford Dictionary defines competition as “the activity or […]

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I’m Never Gonna Write Again

I'm never gonna write again

“I’m never gonna write [dance] again. Guilty hands [feet], I’ve got no motivation [rhythm]…” is what my ears have been hearing lately every time I listen to George Michael‘s hit song “Careless Whisper“. Although I haven’t been experiencing any writer’s block as such,I’ve been stuck in a funk and at some point I wanted to stop writing all together. I […]

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Dear Colourism – I’m Tired

Dear colourism - I'm tired

Dear Colourism, I’m tried. I’m tired of hearing my black brothers speak poorly of dark-skinned women and praising those who have fair skin. I’m tired of people telling me that I’m “pretty for a dark-skinned girl” right after discriminating against other dark-skinned women. I’m tired of being told to stay out of the sun to avoid getting “darker”. I’m tired […]

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